Established in 1994, Wilson & Company, Inc. has earned a reputation of providing quality, cost-effective construction services while building positive client relationships. Historically, Wilson & Company, Inc. has excelled in providing a wide variety of construction services across several commercial construction market segments. Construction services provided by Wilson & Company, Inc. include:

  • Coordination of initial site selection
  • Land use and approval processes
  • Surveys
  • Environmental assessment
  • Geotechnical and civil engineering, along with landscape and architectural design.
  • We often represent Clients at public hearings and meetings with Authorities having jurisdiction as a part of our services provided.

Wilson & Company, Inc. performs a substantial amount of design-build work and has the ability to critique design to help streamline the construction process. This attribute is a key in our ability to maintain no disputes and avoid construction & design-related problems. Working with a design team during the design phase of a project can eliminate potential construction issues long before they occur and help provide a better end result at a lower cost. The daily working relationship with a projects designer team assures the owner of excellent quality and cost- effective construction.